What Is A Pod System? How To Use It

In this article, we will answer the above questions with you.
First of all, let’s understand the basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes (Pod System)!

What is a Pod system?

The Pod system is a small electronic cigarette device that many people, from young to elderly, are looking for. It is used as a regular cigarette to help traditional smokers quit smoking and minimize the harmful effects of smoking on them and others around them.
What Is A Pod System? How To Use It

The pod system consists of two main components:

the “pod” refers to the outer shell that serves as a combustion chamber and a storage chamber for essential oils, combustion rollers, and cotton.

When the burning cotton, inner ring, or essential oil is exhausted, the burner can be replaced by another burner.

The interior consists of a motherboard, a chip, and a battery, with capacities ranging from 200 mAh to 300 mAh.

This allows most of these devices to spontaneously ignite while smoking.

Or simply press the button on the body when you want to use them without using a lighter or other combustion device, which is very convenient for users.

Advantages of Electronic Cigarette

As mentioned earlier, the Pod System will give you a first impression of compactness and ease of use:

Compared to most other electronic devices, the Pod System is very light and compact.

It can be easily placed in a pocket or in the hand.

In addition, you don’t need to carry any burners like when smoking, just put them on your mouth or press the auxiliary burner button on the device to start using them.

What Is A Pod System? How To Use It

Cheap price: Most Pod systems on the market cost around a few hundred, with the most expensive not exceeding 1.5 million.
This price is very suitable for people of all ages, and most electronic cigarettes can be reused.
This also helps us save costs.
Provide high satisfaction and health assurance for yourself and others around you:
Salt nicotine (nicotine salt) is now becoming popular.
High concentration e-liquid bottles (18 to 35 milligrams per bottle) will be sufficient to satisfy your craving for nicotine, while ensuring the health of you and the people around you more than traditional cigarettes.

Operating Instructions for Electronic Cigarette Pod System

Some of you have heard of e-cigarettes, but do not know how to use them, or they may be new, so they do not know how to use them correctly. To understand this, Vape VL will guide you today on how to easily use the e-cigarette pod to save time and maintain its durability.

How to fill e-liquid into a pod system

This is a simple but equally important step. Although this is a basic and necessary step, it is difficult to find articles on the use of electronic cigarettes, especially the specific steps for filling e-liquid.
Essential oils have four basic steps:
Step 1: Turn off the power to the device
Step 2: Disassemble the parts (in this step, you should carefully read the manual to easily disassemble and reassemble after completion)
Step 3: Remove the pod top and fuselage
Step 4: Tilt the machine about 45 degrees, and then ignite the e-liquid.
You should only give about three-quarters of the space (this is an ideal level, so you don’t have to ignite or spill e-liquid multiple times to make the device inoperable), and then slowly inject the e-liquid.
After ignition, follow the instructions to reinstall the parts in place, wait for about 15 minutes, allow the e-liquid to completely immerse in the cotton, and then start using.

Instructions for using electronic cigarettes:

When guiding the use of electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to correctly guide smoking.
For Pods, you only need to place them on your mouth and smoke like regular cigarettes, without continuing to smoke, as most electronic cigarettes will automatically burn when you smoke.

For other types, before continuing smoking, you need to press the only button available on the device to activate the burner inside the Pod.

Regardless of the type, its use is very simple and fast!